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At Home in Nature: How to Create the Perfect Forest Home


At Home in Nature: How to Create the Perfect Forest Home The benefits of living in close proximity to trees are well documented—Luxury Defined speaks to two architects about the creating the perfect forest home August 15, 2019The Japanese were the first to write about the reasons a walk in the forest can make us feel so alive. Their academic investigations into shinrin-yoku—aka ‘forest bathing’, a recognized health pursuit in Japan and one that is being adopted throughout the United States and Europe—have shown that being close to trees has the power to lower blood pressure, slow the heart rate, and lift mood—even to the point of boosting self-esteem. Japanese walkers enjoy a peaceful bamboo path in Arashiyama, Kyoto. Banner image: A house in the forests of Tännäs, Sweden. Images: Getty Images. Banner image: Johan Sundberg ArchitectureSubsequent studies elsewhere in the world have added better cognition and lower blood sugar

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A Culinary Tour of London’s Finest Boroughs


A Culinary Tour of London’s Finest Boroughs From Belgravia, Mayfair, and Knightsbridge to St. James’s and Kensington and Chelsea, these are the finest places to dine in London’s upscale boroughs ​August 27, 2019London is a hot destination for fine dining, but as is often the case in any major city throughout the world, it can be easy to fall foul to hype and choose the loudest over the quietly confident when making a dinner reservation. In Belgravia, for example—arguably London’s most exclusive neighborhood—local gems are hard to find among the grand embassy-lined squares, but ask any diplomat where they like to lunch and five-star hotel restaurants come top of the list. It’s tips like these that will lead you to the right doors when choosing a place to dine in this culinary capital. Belgravia Marcus at The Berkeley Service more than lives up to its Michelin-starred reputation at Marcus by Marcus

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Crazy, Blue and White, Flying
A Joint Exhibition of
A-Sun WU & Paloma CHANG

Hear the Art | 視覺的饗宴




—A-Sun Wu—


—Paloma Chang—

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